Using SlumpHump Molds

Pour plaster into durable plastic mold... Get a clean, effective slump mold. Turn mold over and pour plaster... Get a clean and effective hump mold.
Cut slab to right size and shape. Position the slab over or in the mold. Define sides and rim with rubber rip.
Finish the rim with a bevel tool as you desire. Add handles if you desire. Finished Plate

The SlumpHump is a durable plastic mold which allows you to pour your own low-cost plaster molds quickly and easily. SlumpHump molds are available in fourteen popular shapes and sizes. The SlumpHump is reversible -- you can pour both a slump mold and a hump mold. Another advantage of the SlumpHump mold is its tapered wall, that lets you vary the depth of the mold simply by adding more or less plaster.

Then simply drape your clay slab over or into your finished plaster mold to create your beautiful handmade product. Create a simple plate, or a baking dish, or use your SlumpHump as the starting point for your most elaborate designs. The SlumpHump system allows you to place your time, energy and attention where it belongs, into your creativity, your art, and your product.

You can reproduce one item endlessly, or an endless variety of items, with the versatility of the SlumpHump, making it perfect for the professional production potter, the student or the hobbyist. This low-cost, easy to use mold system means increased efficiency, and increased profitability. Start with one, or get all fourteen, and let your imagination and creativity soar!

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